Panana is banana with a P

Bananas come in bunches and so do People.


The mission of Panana is to produce meaningful and entertaining events that bring people together. We want everyone at our events to celebrate time with friends and family through awesome food, outdoor shopping, live music, and fresh art.


Starting with the Chinese Tang Dynasty, the night market grew to great heights becoming some of the biggest social gatherings throughout Europe and Asia. Early Night Markets were primarily outdoor events, where different Asian cultures would bring together their very best dishes, stand out retail items and passed down traditions that they wanted to offer to the world. As the events broadened past the Asian community to western civilization and beyond, more cultural groups began to take into the honored tradition to offer a variety of their very own local street foods, arts, entertainment, & crafts that they wanted to world to experience.

Panana proudly carries on this tradition with our event and is honored to be among the few that has provided so many precious moments to families all around the world.


Panana started in 2019 by bringing Panana Night Market to the Inland Empire. A cultural staple in Asia, these open-air night-time markets became the IE’s own by hosting over one hundred local vendors selling their own unique food, crafts, and merchandise. For 4 events throughout the summer, Panana Night Market brought over 120,000 IE foodies together to create unforgettable summertime memories. In the fall, Panana went to Del Amo Fashion Center to bring the night market experience to the City of Torrance and over 50,000 attendees in September and October.

2020 & BEYOND

Panana will kick off the Lunar New Year in Riverside through the historical LunarFest and in Torrance through the South Bay LunarFest. Thank you for being apart of our journey and be sure to look forward to Panana Night Market and other events we have for 2020.